Khalsa Ladies Camp

This morning I awoke to Ladies Camp. As I stepped out my front door for my morning walk, I met the Sunshine Coast and the sights and smells of Camp Byng and KLC. It was a pleasant sensation to be walking in the Oregon desert physically while present with the Canadian coast sensorially.

Khalsa Ladies Camp Vancouver is my migration spot come August. Every year I make the pilgrimage up through Oregon and Washington to meet the ferry at Horseshoe Bay to take me over the water and arrive at what I refer to as, “The Village of the Divine Mother”. Once a year this campground is transformed into the space of the Adi Shakti. Tents go up, the gudwara is established, the kitchen becomes vegetarian and the land hums and pulses to the sounds of women’s voices. Chanting, praying, singing, laughing, crying, visiting. Neophytes to Wise Women and everything in between.

Early early in the morning we rise to begin our day with prayers, yogic movement and 7 chants. The sounds, open air, travel along the coastline in the crispness of the amrit vela. Women chanting, babies nursing, little ones sleeping all curled up in the cocoon of this sacred time.


I started out years ago on this trek alone. Now my daughters and I travel together. It is permanently assigned to the calender and is the only thing that is, except birthdays and holidays. Khalsa Ladies Camp provides for me capacity and sustenance. It is powerful and resonates throughout the year. I connect with sisters I may only see during this time as we “be” together in the sacred space of the mighty Khalsa Woman. It’s conception and endeavor is brilliant and that brilliance carries you through the now and into the future.


You do not have to be Sikh, or anything else for that matter, to attend this camp. The only requirement is being a woman. Women come from all over, of different traditions, cultures, lifestyles and belief systems…and it always blends and arranges itself into the most lovely and fragrant bouquet. It is a time to step away from the demands of life and home, office or workplace and be present with yourself, to immerse yourself deeply in the expansive possiblities of life and love and truth. It is a grand and majestic place to be and I am deeply thankful for its presence and the journey which brings me back to this lovely village every year.

*If you are interested in learning more about this camp, go to


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