The Story

Yesterday was a challenging day. The phone rang often with voices connecting for support. One of the phone calls was from one of my children struggling through some suffering brought about by a relationship. As I listened I heard not only this individual story, but the “story of the family”.

Every family has a story. We carry this deep within. It is woven through the lifeblood, carried individually and as a whole. It’s the story that abides within the walls containing the sight, sounds and smells of the tribe. It is the truth of our beginnings. It creates the format for us to either go out into the world and try to create like or set out to do it differently. But either way, we carry it like the tortoise, upon our back. Therein lies the germination, the seed proof of our life process.

Some of us have stories which fit into pretty, lovely coffee table books. Others have stories stacked like old and musty novels on forgotten shelves. While some of us sit within the covers of Stephen Kings Nightmares and Dreamscapes and pray we will wake up soon. The story is always complicated for families are convoluted. Built layer upon layer, generation upon generation, mazes and tunnels in which chapter after chapter is contained within walls, halls, storage rooms, forgotten libraries, attics and secret locked dungeons.

It is no accident we arrive where we do. It is by design and for a specific purpose, but knowing this does not make it easy. Some of us work through our family karma’s quickly and some of us will take a lifetime(s)….and this is the crux, no matter what our story, we all desire to be loved and cherished. We seek this within our families and out in the world. Driven towards relationship, we search for connection hoping to find security and stability. A wombing place within hearth and home which shelters and comforts so we can flourish. For it is well know within the embrace of love and affection all beings thrive.

And maybe that is what we truly want…to thrive, body, mind and spirit. To heal our wounds and move out from under karma’s and curses. To be released from the doggedness of generational constraints and let the stories be unto themselves, referenced only when necessary to support the healing process.

There is no shame in desiring love. There is no shame in giving and receiving. There is no shame in our vulnerability or the tender and sometimes shaky places we find our self in our innate need to thrive. For it does cause us to shake and quake, bringing us to our knees. It brings us to the feet of the Divine humble and in surrender. We know we must love and be loved. We seek and we are born and the story begins and along the way we all do the best we can.

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