A Summer Morning In Central Oregon


I woke this morning to another beautiful summer day. The air fresh and crisp with a touch of chill from the desert night. I love the simpleness of sitting with tea and toast viewing the morning and looking to my day. The garden is blooming, vegetables are growing, birds and butterflies. I like the feel of the dew upon the grass, wet beneath my feet as I go to pick berries. Strawberries, raspberries, small and sweet, just a handful and just right.

It is time for the lavender to be cut, hung and dried. The scent is so fresh as I move my hands through the plants. Lavender flowers for my tea and food when summer has long passed.


This high desert sits with majesty and simplicity. Maybe that is what draws people here. The Cascades revel in their glory, the rivers and lakes cold and deep, prisitine in their reflection. Every morning as I walk and breath I see the mountains, the perfect blue skies, smell the scents of juniper and sage, rock and sand. I walk in bliss and inutterable gratitude for the splendor. To live in the unlimited vastness of the Divine. I am thankful, as I sip my tea I whisper words of love into the ears of God and share my berries.

*photos: Deschutes Co. Scenic arcweb.sos.state.or.us


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